What makes me a great worker and a colleague?

I am a responsible and reliable worker with common sense.

Knowledgeable and detail-oriented game programmer with front-end development additional skills accustomed to working in fast-paced and deadline-driven environments. I am a self-starter, who is not scared to speak up. Worked on Stranger Things mobile game, generated UI/UX for a number of prototypes, have knowledge and skills to fill a position as a Junior Game Developer or Junior Technical Artist.

I have an extensive expertise in using Unity 3D and 2D, Adobe CC package and Unreal Engine and my background in Art History gives me a different approach to various areas of game development. I don't need supervision, I can perfectly work independently and provide great results. I'm available immediately. I'm also very interested in our world, cinematography, music and history, so I always have something to talk about.



My skills that I've developed in the game industry for past two years

Unity and C#

Extensive knowledge of Unity and C#, able to create features and systems in the game.


Great at communication, not afraid to speak out loud thoughts and share ideas.


Able to create UI assets and UX design. Always think about the customers.


Fluent in C# and Git control.


Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD, also have had experience in Premiere Pro.

Art History

Received Bachelor Degree in Art History from University of Wales back in 2015. This gives me a different approach to view at art and UX.


My internship at
Next Games

I was lucky to become one of seven students of Next Games Academy, that started in October 2019.

This six months of my time at Next Games I've became a Junior Game Developer, who has faced many issues, was able to solve them, who can develop features independently, who was able to look at existing systems and build features on top on them.